Blue Cross Blue Shield Takes a Stab at Reducing Prescription Pain Pill Abuse

When I asked them what prescription medications they were taking, some reeled off a long list of drugs and others would bring in all of their pill bottles. One person was taking so many prescription drugs that they kept them in a shoe box! I was astounded at the amount of prescription drugs some were taking daily, often with duplicates and triplicates of the same types of drugs. No wonder they were feeling so poorly, complaining of things like memory loss, weakness, and stomach upsets.

Statistically, those who socialize with people who drink alcohol will also drink. Recovering alcoholics must be very careful. They cannot be around people who drink, go to events where alcohol is served or where their friends are going to drink, because they will also drink.

The purpose of this article is to educate readers who may have a family member abusing prescription substances to some of the risks. These risks include possible physical dependence, overdose and death risk, and, what is often overlooked and is the main point of this article, incarceration and felony conviction for even relatively small amounts of a medication without a prescription.

Additional over the counter products such as saline solution, neti pots, and artificial tears are available to minimize the affect of allergy symptoms in ones daily life. Although they do not contain any medicine these products can ease allergy symptoms on a daily basis.

Some allergy problems, such as a mild case of hay fever, may not need any treatment. But for chronic and severe allergic reactions that lead to sinusitis, sinus medication should be seriously considered. Who would want to have a stuffy nose and swollen facial areas throughout the day, right? Constant headaches and toothaches can really take their toll on a person too. Corticosteroids are used to help in alleviating inflammation. Sinus and nasal passages can definitely get relief from swelling with this sinus medication. And when the swelling is reduced, other sinus problems can disappear gradually.

Phentermine is a strong appetite suppressant that has been used for weight control since a long time. There is little doubt on the effectiveness of this medicine but people find it difficult to obtain a doctor’s prescription for this drug. Doctors understand the complications associated with this drug hence they prescribe this diet pill selectively.

In order to buy prescription diet pills online you are simply asked to complete an online medical questionnaire via our secure server. This is information that is required by our staff doctors so that he/she can make a decision whether the diet pill medication you desire is appropriate for your current condition.